Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspiration Takes Root

In the beginning...   The idea was for my wife, Susan and I to go on a "date" every other weekend to a place in Arizona that we hadn't been before.  While there, I would take pictures, and she would enjoy the scenery and time together.  It was my task to pick our first destination.  During my search, I took notice that Canon was sponsoring a free workshop that covered the basics of digital photography and the DSLR.  Due to the fact that all my photography experience at that time had been with black & white film only, and that the workshop was to take place at the Grand Canyon, I thought, "Perfect!" and signed up immediately.  Being excited about attending the workshop and seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, we arrived just a bit early.  4:00am to be exact. :)  Side note:  At night the Grand Canyon looks like a giant black whole.  The workshop was to begin at 9:00am so for the next few hours Susan got acquainted with the area and all the information provided at the visitor center, while I pointed my camera skyward and took pictures of sky trails and at the canyon during the sun rise.  Needless to say, we both had a wonderful time that weekend.  What I returned home with were bigger and better image possibilities, and the desire to learn how to hang them on our wall.

A sampling from my first 100 photos taken...

Exposing The Grand Canyon
A Warm Welcome Home
Patriotic Reflections

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