Sunday, January 9, 2011


A reason to look forward to Monday

Weekends are my busiest photo days.  I am either at a photo shoot, editing photos, gaining new insights, or a combination of each.  As I wrap-up each weekend, I will share some of the insights I have learned.  From the basics in digital photography and progressing to the more advanced.

My introduction to photography, and it's many possibilities was through my high school teacher, Mr. Larson.  He is a professional photographer out of Hollywood, CA ( who also taught photography at South Gate High School, South Gate, CA (Class of '85 rules! LOL).  I remembered always looking forward to his class every Monday.  I know it sounds weird, but on Mondays, Mr. Larson would share photos of his "weekend antics" with a select few in his advanced class.  From model head-shots to fun 72 hour parties, I found myself inspired while he shared his weekend stories along with the camera and lighting techniques used to achieve each photo.  In similar fashion, it is my hope to inspire others.

Thank you, Mr. Larson, for inspiring me, and the fun had by all.

After many years of taking pictures as a hobby, I found myself with a group of others (Assistants, Coordinators, Makeup Artists, Models, Cinematographers)  being escorted by security, through a major resort hotel/casino, to our next dedicated photo set.  The occasion, a 12 hour photo session for the Arab American Association celebrating Miss Arab 2010 USA Pageant winner, Jennifer ChahoudWhile taking a break to have dinner together, I thought to myself, "Wow!  How did I get here?"


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